Martin Karaffa gives MUH Magazine an outsider’s point of view on matters Bavarian.  He works as a Director of Strategy for BBDO Worldwide in Munich, where his job involves the understanding and management of cultural differences.

His private life spans a number of cultures, too—born in the USA, and naturalized as an Australian, he and his Japanese husband now live on the genteel right bank of the Isar.

He thinks he speaks German, but really, he just makes shit up.  Many thanks to Josef Winkler for his patient translation into German for MUH.


One thought on “About

  1. Marty, Pamela and I back in Tokyo after skiing again I think for the 12th time. We were reminiscing and your name came up. So long since my 40th birthday party but I still have a copy of the song (he drives Jaguars).
    Hope you are well and happy. Regards Harry & Pamela Thomas

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